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Large Contract Machining / Fabricating

Large Diameter ID & OD Plus Very Long Lengths Are Our Strong Suit.

Boring, turning, grinding, tapering, crowning, polishing, heat treat, carburizing, weld overlaying, repairs, and plating to 84" OD and 900" long. Our range of raw materials is virtually unlimited.

Complete fabrications include pressure vessels, hydraulic cylinders, slip joints, risers, crane parts, cable drums, sheaves, and hooks.

All work to the highest standards - ASME, API, DnV, Lloyd's, ABS, USCG, Mil-Spec.

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CATEGORY: Large Contract Machining
A.  Crane Parts
1. Cable Drums
2. Crane Hooks
B. Weld Overlay + Rebuilding
1. Multiple Grades of Hardenable Stainless
C. In-house Heat Treat - 5'dia x 16'deep
1. Carburizing
2. Tempering - Brine/Oil Quench
D. Machining
1. To 84"OD and 900"long
2. ID + OD turn, grind, polish + plate
E. Fabricating
1. Rolls
2. Pressure Vessels
3. Wire Rope Drums
4. Hydraulic Cylinders

long bed engine lathes
and roll grinders

churchill roll grinder 84" swing,
34' centers crowning

pressure vessel rolls stainless
clad chrome plated

we have the capacity
to do your job!

heat treat pulling the cover on
a very large cast iron sleeve

run-out table rolls w/pillow
blocks chain sprockets
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